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Photoshop Elements 3 Tutorial
Design Your Own Web Ads

One way to promote your site is to create your own ads. Most graphic ads come in 'somewhat' standard sizes, but if you're creating them for your own site, you can make them any size you need to fit an ad area. If you already have graphics of your own products, you can use those. Or you might want to match the 'theme' of your site by using similar color schemes or photos that get your point across.

Start with a new layer 130 x 220 px, white background (or match the background color of your HTML page), select the 'rounded rectangle tool' and draw out a shape in a color of your choice. Hit 'V' to select the shape then add a grey 1 px border to it "Edit | Stroke Outline (Selection)". You can add a border without using the move tool to actively select the layer, but it's a good habit to get into since a lot of times you will want to actually see what area you are applying an effect to and may need to select it first.

You should have something similar to the first example below. Create another layer and change the foreground color to white. Then using the rectangle tool, draw out more boxes, each on their own layer and set the opacity slider to about 50 - 60% (example 2). Leave the top layer box at 100% opacity (example 3). Save your file as a .psd so you can re-use it to create similar ads. You'll see why putting each piece on a separate layer is a great advantage for creating multiple versions of your ad.



Now you should have a generic ad box that you can use to create more ads simply by adding different text and graphics to it. You can swap out or recolor layers to create a whole set of ads that compliment your site because you have an ad template to start with.

Create another layer and add a clipart button so you will have something to click for your hyperlink or draw a button yourself (example 4). Add some text about your product (example 5) then finish off the ad with a photo or clipart. Rearrange your layers so the main graphic is underneath all layers except the background layers and so the text layers are on top of the rectangle boxes.

If you want to get fancy, you could airbrush some subtle shading around the edges of the background color to give it some depth and make it more interesting. After all, you want people to find it attractive so they will be enticed to click on your ad.



Now that you have your basic ad template in editable .psd format, you can change the pieces to create even more ads and variations for all your projects. You can design your ads as three dimensional or flat as you need to match your site.

Why not use your ads in printed material too? Simply by making a few changes in your layout and resizing your graphics to 300 ppi, you can get them to professionally print at high resolution to match your printed marketing materials, even on your own photo quality inkjet printer.

Hmmm... that's another tutorial. Here are some more variations and sizes using .psd ad templates:





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