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Vector Drawing

Step 1: Open Flash and size the work area    from Modify | Movie choosing 450 x 320 for this example. Use any color for the background. Select the oval drawing tool, no line color and any fill color (we're going to change it later anyway). On the stage, draw out an oval, then choose the black arrow tool (the white arrow tool will allow you to pull out sharp points) from the toolbar. Grab the edge of the shape and pull out the top, bottom right and left sides to get the bulb shape you want. Click on frame 10 and hit the 'F5' key to extend the timeline. To undo any change at any time, just use 'Ctrl + z'. Learning shortcut keys will save you a lot of time.


Step 2:  Create a new layer for the socket. Select the square tool, no line color, dark green fill color. Draw a square at the base of the bulb. Select the black arrow tool and pull down the top and bottom edges. You can also paint in a highlight line on the left side of the socket at this time. Create another layer and freeform 'paint' the wires going into the base of the socket if desired (you might want to leave this out if you're going to use the bulb multiple times as a movie clip in another movie). Keeping each item on a separate layer gives you more control for making changes later. Extend your timeline for all layers to frame 10 if necessary.


Step 3: Lock all layers (except the bulb layer) to keep from accidentally overwriting them, then using the black arrow tool, select the bulb on the stage. On the 'fill' panel select 'Radial Gradient' from the drop down, then click on each end of the color bar and click on the color square at the right of the panel to change the gradient colors on the bulb. Copy frame one on this layer and paste it into frame 5. Select frame 5 and repeat the radial gradient steps again going darker or lighter than the original bulb colors.


Step 4: If you choose, you can add a highlight to the lighter bulb on a separate layer using the square draw tool, rotate, convert to symbol and adjust alpha channel to about 10 for transparency.

Step 5: Rewind and play your movie to see the bulb blink. It should look something like our example. You can edit the colors, timeline and properties until you get the effect you desire. Play around with it and have fun!





Download yellowbulb.fla


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