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Tinted Photos (with scan lines) - Open or create a black & white image. Adjust brightness and contrast to 20 for both settings from 'Colors | Adjust | Brightness/Contrast'. Increase color depth from 'Colors | Increase Color Depth | 24 bit (16 million colors)'. Choose 'Selections | Select All', then 'Colors | Colorize'. We used hue = 245, saturation = 40 and got example 3 below, but you can use the hue slider to select any color you want:


tinted photo tutorial psp 1                        tinted photo tutorial psp 2


That's about all there is to it! The example below shows our tinted photo with scan lines. To add scan lines to any photo or artwork, use 'Effects | Texture Effects | Blinds' with the width set to 1, opacity = 30 or adjust the lines to suit yourself.



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