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Fill Text Effect

Fill text using a tube - Open PSP and create a new workspace 300 x 100, transparent background to follow our example. On the color palette, select background color to be painted over, the second square under Styles. Select the paint brush. Double click on the rectangle color box to change the text fill color. Any color will do.

Select the text icon from the Tool Palette on the left side of your workspace, then click in the image layer and type in your text using 72 pt Wide Latin to follow our example, centering the text.

Use the magic wand tool (shift + select) to select each letter, then choose the lasso tool and click on the text. Your picture tube option will now be available. Select it from the Tool Palette and choose a picture tube from the Tool Options - Picture Tube palette.

Click anywhere on the canvas to insert the tube graphics into the text at random until it looks good to you. Add a drop shadow from the drop down menu 'Effects | 3D Effects | Drop Shadow' and it should resemble this:

Experiment with the settings using different tubes. Wide bodied text works best for filling. Save as a .gif. The combinations and possibilities are endless. Have fun!



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