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Search Engine Optimization

Knowing who the major search engines are, when and how to submit to them puts you a step ahead of your competition. Your major competitors on the internet are global and not necessarily the same as your industry-related competitors. Sites that have nothing to do with your industry may come up ahead of you in ranking on any given keyword or key phrase.

You must know how to optimize your site to compete in a global market for keywords and key phrases that give you the most exposure and visibility if you want to rank higher in the search engines than your industry competitors.

Where Traffic Comes From

Potential sales come from more traffic through the top engines. Making just a few changes to optimize your site for these engines will give your site greater visibility by targeting your traffic for more potential sales. Tweaking the pages to further optimize the code and content could mean the difference in 'just getting listed' or 'getting listed in the top ten'. Most people searching for information that could bring them to your site will not look past the first thirty results returned, so if your site is not in the top thirty, you won't get found, which means you are losing opportunities for more potential sales.

90% of web traffic on most sites comes from searches on the internet from only a few of the top most popular engines.

It doesn't make sense to optimize your site for search engines that few people use to search the web. It also doesn't make sense to optimize your site for keywords and key phrases that have nothing to do with your content, products or services. A zillion hits means nothing if you can't convert the traffic to sales because the people coming to your site aren't interested in your content.

Sites are not measured by content alone. Some search engines use link popularity as a measure for how high the quality of your content ranks. Link popularity is determined by how many quality incoming links you have--not by the quantity of links you exchange.

Pulling It All Together

Copy writing doesn't have to be a major obstacle for most designers and developers. Learn to write effective copy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to write good copy utilizing good grammar and spelling. If you do not have these skills, don't have the time to learn and you want your pages to rank well, consider hiring a professional web copy writer.

All submission software is not created equal. Download and test drive several before you make a purchase. The right software will save you hours of time and teach you the search engine facts at the same time.

There are many ways to self promote your site for free on the internet without launching a full blown marketing campaign.

Do you know the top ten mistakes site builders make when designing, developing and optimizing their sites? These mistakes could cost you a lot of traffic when you submit.

Did you know that dynamic pages cannot be indexed by the search engines? Your static pages must be optimized for the robots and spiders. If they're not, it's highly unlikely that your site will get listed in the top thirty, let alone the top ten or a coveted number one placement.

Optimization happens in the HTML on the page and in the code, not on the server. Dynamically created pages and database content cannot be indexed. Each page has to be individually optimized for indexing according to the constraints of each search engine's algorithm to rank well. Additionally, most search engines cannot index .pdf files at all. Do you know how to get your .pdfs indexed?

Search engines are constantly changing, merging and updating their algorithms and criteria for accepting submissions. Although most search engines may not even look at your keyword meta tag, it costs you nothing to specify them for the lesser engines that do. Getting listed on the right keywords for your site's content has the potential to explode your traffic, just as one mistake could get your site dropped or banned.





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