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PaintShop Pro 7 Tutorials

Image Tutorials

Picture Cutouts
The easy way to cut an object out of the
background to reuse again and again.

Colorize B&W Photos NEW!
Colorize select areas of your b&w photos
and make lovely tinted effects.

Photo Light Effects
Use the lighting effect tools of PSP to add
drama and transform your old photos.

Tinted Photos (scan lines)
How to tint your photos and add scan lines
for a subtle and popular photo effect.

Art From Objects
Create unique and original artwork from
your photos and scanned objects.

Coloring Line Art NEW! 
Learn how to color in drawings and line art
using the magic wand and flood fill tools.

Text Tutorials


Fill Text
Paint inside of text using colorful tube
graphics as a fill.

Curve Text 
Create a curved line and make your text
follow along the path.

Glass Text NEW! 
Create sparkling text that looks like glass
using special effects and PSP settings.

Carved Text
Carve text into a background pattern then
apply a lighting effect to it.

Text Reflection NEW! 
Make your text reflective and experiment
with different settings to get the look you want.




Plastic Gel Text NEW! 
Create great looking plastic text to look
soft, hard or gel-like.



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