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You can create a basic site poll in FrontPage to help make your site more interactive for your viewers and get some feedback from your visitors. The results will be stored in a text file on the server. If you want the results of each submit to also send you an e-mail, make sure the e-mail transport has been configured on the server to allow this. You can also use special scripts to display the results, but for now we'll keep it simple.

First insert a form on your page for the poll. We'll use this example:

State your question in text, then insert an option button and add text for each choice next to it (you can use checkboxes or radio buttons). Do the layout in whatever colors and fonts you want.

Right click on the first option button, select 'form field properties' and assign a group name for the poll. You will put the same group name into each button as you go down the list. Type in the value for each button. The value for the first button will be 'frontpage', the second button value will be 'golive', etc... until the group name, value button and initial state of the button (selected/notselected) has been filled in for each selection on the poll list. You might want to use all lower case and no spaces as a general rule.

Then, right click anywhere on the form and select 'form properties'. This is where you tell FrontPage where to store the results of the poll, and if you would also like the results sent to you by e-mail. You can also send the results to a database or a custom script. In this example, the default is a text file.

Give your poll a form name and click on the 'options' button. This is where you tell the form how to format the results and where to send them. On the confirmation tab, you can choose a custom confirmation to display when the form is submitted, if you have one set up. See Custom Confirmation tutorial on how to create one, or leave it blank and FrontPage will return a default confirmation based on the input.

Upload the page with your new poll on it, and test it to see if it works correctly. This is how to create a very basic poll with FrontPage. You can make it do a lot more by using custom scripts. Your only limits are your imagination.

Finally, after you have enough poll results in (few weeks or months-depending on your traffic), you can create a new page to display the results and put a link to the new page right under your poll so your visitors can easily find it. You can view our latest poll results page.

That's all there is to it! If you need to create a more interactive poll with results, check out some .php code for UNIX or .asp for Win.



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