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Paint Shop Pro 7 Tutorial

Plastic Text - Create text that looks like plastic. First, create some text. We used 'Tahoma' font, size 36, with 'floating' and 'anti-aliased' checked. Your letters should be selected now by showing 'marching ants' around them. Then select 'Effects | Texture Effects | Soft Plastic' and apply the settings of:

blur = 8
detail = 13
density = 1
angle = 0
color = white, It should resemble example 1 below:

You can stop there for a hard plastic look or go on to select 'Effects | Artistic Effects | Chrome' with the settings of flaws = 2, brightness = 50, use original color and apply. Now it's looking softer, it should look like example 2 above. Adjust the brightness to 20, contrast to 20 from the 'Colors' menu and add a drop shadow if you like.


To view your text without the 'marching ants', just right click anywhere on the layer. To undo any changes, hit 'Ctrl + z'. Play around with the settings until you get the look you want.



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