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Photoshop Elements Tutorials

Extract Object
Color Change
Glass Objects
Web Ads
Restore Photo
High Light Portrait Effect
Digital Pencil Sketch
Torn Edge
Line Pattern
Cookie Cutter


Look for these tool icons in Elements:

  Polygonal Lasso

  Brush Tools


  Healing Brushes

  Crop Tool


hotoshop® Elements 3 Tutorials NEW!

The Basics

photoshop elements tutorial animationAnimation
Make an animated .gif in Elements for web display.


cut out extract object in photoshop elements tutorialExtract Object  
Cutout objects from their background to re-use in other projects.

photoshop elements layers tutorialLayers
Learn to work with layers to automate your design process.


colorize or tint objects in photoshop elements tutorialColorize  
Colorize and tint portions of your black and white photos.

Advanced and Special Effects

recolor object color change elements tutorialColor Change
Recolor an object with solid color or photo for custom paint job.


easy glass objects with elementsGlass Objects 
Turn any solid object into glass with Photoshop Elements.

web ads advertising marketing tutorialWeb Ads
Make your own web ads using layers for easy editing variations.


photo restoration elements tutorialRestore Photo 
Save a damaged photo with Elements powerful healing brushes.

high light portrait photography tutorialHigh Light Photo Portrait NEW!
Turn an ordinary photo into a studio portrait with high light effects.


pencil sketch tutorialDigital Pencil Sketch NEW!
Create a pencil sketch from any photo or artwork.

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials


torn edge paper effect photoshop elements digital scrapbooking tutorialTorn Edge
Digitally 'tear' your papers for scrapbooking effects.


digital scrapbooking paper stripe pattern digital scrapbooking tutorialLine Pattern for Paper
Create line patterns for backgrounds and digital scrapbooking papers.

rivets digital scrapbooking tutorialRivets
Create your own digital rivets for your scrapbook pages.


vellum paper digital scrapbooking tutorialVellum
Make pretty digital vellum for your scrapbooking layouts.

clone text and images for pattern papers digital scrapbooking tutorialCloning
Easy way to clone any object for projects and pattern paper.

Cookie Cutter
Use Elements cookie cutter tool to create cutout shapes and patterns.



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