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Movie Clips

Movie clips are defined as 'movies within movies whose properties and timelines are independent of the main movie'. You can have as many instances of movie clips as you want in your main movie and even drag the same imported movie clip onto your main stage multiple times if you want to. They are 'timeline independent'. You can reuse them as templates of sorts and edit them specifically for each new movie you pull them into without changing the original clips. Stop and think what this can do for your load time and how much flexibility you have by using movie clips. Using movie clips can save you a lot of time.

Surely by now you have explored .fla's that use only 1 frame for each layer, yet the movie is complex because the clips in each layer have their own properties and timelines. That's pretty neat, but movie clips and how they work can be difficult to grasp, if not impossible to figure out if you're just getting started in Flash.

Movie clips can be edited by double clicking on them from the Library 'Ctrl + L' of the main movie or previewed by using 'Control | Test Movie'.

To create a movie clip inside of your existing movie, use 'Insert | New Symbol' and select 'movie clip' and give it a name. Hit OK.

Now you have a fresh new stage and timeline for creating your movie clip. Add layers and graphics anyway you want to this new movie to use in your main timeline. When you're done, go back to Scene 1, create a new layer for the clip, and drag it out of the Library onto the stage. Now use 'Control | Test Movie' to see it play in your main movie. You can add anything you want to your main movie without affecting the movie clips on the stage. Background of movie clips will be transparent unless you have put a background image into them.

To edit your symbols click on the icon at the top right of your timeline.


But what if you already have some movies created outside of your main movie you want to use as movie clips? How can you get them into an existing movie or your current timeline?

Use 'File | Open as Library' to search for and import the .fla you have that you want to use. Now it appears in the Library as a symbol that you can drag out to the stage as many times as you need to.

Remember to create a new layer for each movie clip you import or create and to use 'Control | Test Movie' to see your movie. Now using movie clips is not so hard to figure out, or as mysterious as they first seemed. Enjoy!




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