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Paint Shop Pro 7 Tutorial

Coloring Line Art - First you need to scan a drawing in or use a piece of line clip art. Make sure your lines are not broken. If they do not connect, you can use the line tool to draw them in. Also, select 'Colors | Increase Color Depth | 16 Million colors (24 bit)' if necessary. Make a duplicate layer, choose the 'Magic Wand' tool with the settings of 'match mode = RGB value', tolerance = 20, feather = 0'. Then holding the shift key down, select all areas that you want to color with your first color. Choose the 'Flood Fill' tool and select your foreground color from the color picker, then click on one area and all selected areas will be filled. Continue in this manner until you have your line art colored in.

Now, the fun part begins. You can select any brush, any setting, any color and create shading, highlights, patterns and more on each area by selecting it first with the magic wand, or paint freeform all on one layer if you're brave. Try different sized brushes and adjust the transparency for a softer, lighter blend.  If you make a mistake, just undo it and try again!


coloring line art psp tutorials 1               coloring line art psp tutorials


Our last example was done using different brushes, colors and settings for a softer, watercolor effect. Most of the shading was done with the airbrush tool (round brush) set at about 15 on transparency, allowing the overspray to soften the black lines and run into other areas in places. Sometimes you can add more interest by trying not to be too perfect. It was also done all on one layer, demonstrating that you don't have to stay in the lines unless you really want to:

coloring line art psp tutorials 3              

The first two examples have been saved as .gifs and the last two are .jpgs. Photos and artwork with blends should always be in .jpg format, optimized as much as possible without sacrificing the quality.


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