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Include Pages in General

Includes are used to pull information from one file on the server into one or more pages with the purpose of displaying the same information on multiple pages of a site. They can be thought of as "Including one file into many pages". This capability becomes an important issue as a site grows larger. It may not take much time to open each page of a smaller site and make the same change in each page, but it would take a considerable amount of time to do that for a larger site with hundreds of pages.

Includes are traditionally hard coded by designers and developers in the HTML with script that is supported on the targeted platform. Include code can be written for .asp and .php pages. With SSI support on the server, the file extensions would be .shtml. Includes are parsed on the server, not in the browser.

The greatest advantage for the web designer using includes is that they help you automate the task of making site wide changes just by updating a single page, image or file. All pages that have the include code in them will be updated simultaneously after publishing the change to one file instead of publishing several changed pages.

Include Content Component to include a page

FrontPage 2002 and 2003 offers you an alternative way to use Includes with the Included Content Component. To use the component in a FrontPage web page, first create a page with just the information you want to be included in one or more other pages then:

From the drop down menu of FP 2003 select 'Insert | Web Component | Included Content' and double click 'Page'.

This will bring up a box where you will type in the page name or browse to select the page you want to include. The included page will be shown in the page where you insert the component. If the included page is wider than the table cell you put it in, it will stretch the table.

The navigation of most pages on is done using SSI. The navigation menu at the top of this page and most others on this site is done with an include, instead of the FrontPage component.



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