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Paint Shop Pro 7 Tutorial

Sparkling Glass Text - Create a new image 200 x 100 px, transparent background. Select the text tool and click on the layer. We used 'Haettenschweiler' font, size 72, 'floating' and 'anti-aliased', with fill color of 169, 255, 224 (light violet).

Your text is selected by showing 'marching ants' around the letters. You can undo any mistake by hitting 'Ctrl + z' or unselect the text by right clicking on the layer. Now go to 'Effects | Artistic Effects | Enamel' and use:

Blur = 15
Detail = 81
Density = 13
Angle = 225
Color = white and click ok. It should look like this:


Then use 'Effects | Artistic Effects | Chrome' with the settings of:

Flaws = 2
Brightness = 50 and click ok. It should look like this:

Now it's starting to really shape up. Then use 'Colors | Adjust | Brightness/Contrast' from the menu and use a setting of 28 on each.  It should now look like this:

Now that's more like it! Only we need some sparkle to really set it off so we will select the paint brush tool and under brush types on the floating palette, we will select the 'custom' brush that looks like an X, making sure the foreground color is set to white. Set the opacity to the strength of sparkle that you need or click on the same more than once to add a few sparkles. You can add a drop shadow if you like. Wider text works best. Your text should now look something like these examples:


Because of the gradient variations, we exported as optimized .jpg. Play around with the settings and colors. Have fun!


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