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How do I make the clock display the correct time on my desktop?
The time display is dependent on your system information and will display the time set on your computer. Change the time system setting on your computer to display the correct time on the wallpaper. See your operating systems help files.

Why does my wallpaper sometimes reset to the first background?
Some programs automatically refresh the desktop when they start. On selectable desktop wallpapers with this feature, just re-select the wallpaper background as needed from your desktop that you wish to display.

Are there any ads, links or advertising in my wallpaper?
No, our wallpaper and desktop goodies do not contain any code that collects or transmits information to any location. We do not include any advertisement, tracking, spyware or links to any external sites in our desktop wallpapers. Our desktop wallpapers do not require an internet connection for the desktop components to function. Freeware/linkware goodies may contain a desktop link to visit our web site as an option, which does require an internet connection if selected.

Will an animated desktop slow my system down?
Our files use very little subtle animation and are extremely compressed in byte size in an effort to keep from interfering with the normal speed and operation of your computer. Any animated background or screen saver will use up more resources from your CPU so some programs might open slower than others. Our desktop wallpapers have been pre-tested for speed and under normal use on most computers, the difference is hardly noticeable.

Can I have more than one animated desktop on my computer?
You can have as many as you like, but you can only display them one at a time. Change your animated wallpaper from the control panel when you get bored with it, just as you would change your static wallpaper.

How do I remove desktop wallpaper completely from my system?
Our desktop wallpapers include an uninstall feature that safely removes the selection from your control panel. Locate the uninstall feature in your programs directory to use this feature and delete the setup file (.zip or .exe) you downloaded. You can store your wallpapers on a backup disk in case you want to re-install them at a later date.

Can I save my notes in the desktop notepad?
In desktop wallpapers that include this feature, the notes you put in the desktop notepads are consumable. They are for short term display and not meant to be stored. This keeps the file sizes down. By design, the notepads will reset and wipe out your notes each time you re-start your system or refresh the desktop.

How do I replace pictures and text with my own?
In desktop wallpapers that include this feature, just follow the instructions in the readme.txt file included in your download. It gives complete instructions on how to change your desktop photos and text.



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