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Paint Shop Pro 7 Tutorial

Curved Text - Create a layer in PSP. We used 200 x 200 px with a white background.

Select the draw tool from the tool bar on the left side of your screen. The settings on the Tool Options  -  Draw Palette should be 'point to point' , width =1, 'Anti-Alias' and 'Create as Vector' should also be checked.

On the layer, click and drag the first point in the direction you want your text to start going. Release, then click and rotate to create your second point and adjust the line curve. Release, click and drag the second point into the position you want to adjust the line to your desired curve example 1:

Next, select the text tool from the tool bar and position your cursor on the first point of the line. Click when the tool turns to a 45 degree angle with a curve under it. A text window will pop up and you can choose the background color (text color), font (we used Verdana 12 pt), and then type your text into the box, click ok and it should look like example 2:


Disable visibility on the Layer Palette for the 'drawing' line layer by clicking on it as shown above. Your text should now look like the full size example below. Repeat the process, playing with the fonts and colors to get the look you want.

Text on a curve  





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