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FrontPage 2003 Tutorial


Callouts and AutoShapes in FrontPage 2002

One of the new features in FrontPage 2002 are the 'callouts'. There are noticeably more Office-like additions to the FrontPage menu bar and if you're an Office user, you will already be familiar with some of them. Using these little additions, you can add a lot of interest to your site and bring attention to the things you want to emphasize.

Callouts and AutoShapes make use of .XML technology and are supported on servers with or without the server extensions installed. When you create them, FrontPage sets up a folder with the page name that includes the .XML file and images. When you publish the page, the folder gets transferred. If you publish with FTP to a server that does not support the extensions, you must transfer this folder with the files for your callouts to work. Sweet...

To insert a callout, go to the AutoShapes menu located at the bottom of your screen in the program by default. Click on it and select 'callouts' to choose your shape.

Draw your callout by positioning the crosshair wherever you want it on the page and hold the left mouse button down and drag out your shape. Release the mouse. Insert your text next. Then, you can adjust the size of the callout by clicking and dragging the edges. To position the layer, just right click and select 'order'.


Select the dash box inside the callout to add text. You can highlight the text and edit the style, color, weight and font by right clicking and selecting 'font'. Don't move, resize or edit the callout until you've added your text, or it won't line up inside of the callout.

To select a background color, right click on the callout and select 'Format Text Box' which will allow you to change the background color, line attributes, transparency, margins, alt text and positioning.

To add a drop shadow or 3d to the callout shape, select the buttons at the bottom of the toolbar. To move a callout or autoshape, just click on it and drag it to a new position.


To make the callout or autoshape clickable, right click and create a hyperlink. Callouts and autoshapes can be handy little tools to focus attention on a page when used sparingly. Remember, don't move or resize the callout until after you've added the text or your text won't line up inside the area. Play around with all the settings, it's fun!

Cloud Callout: Thanks!



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