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Web Design and Development Articles

Our list of helpful articles for busy designers and developers where you can share your thoughts, experiences and opinions by posting your comments right in the page. We do a lot of research and would love to hear from you. If you have a topic that you would like to see included in our articles section, please use our contact form to send us your ideas.

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Permission is granted for site owners to republish our articles with the following conditions:

-the article(s) must be republished in it's entirety without changes or additions to the article(s) or the article(s) title
-the author of these articles author, Theresa Bennett must be credited under each article title or at the bottom of each article
-a link to articles section must be included at the bottom of the each article:, Graphic and Flash Applications for Designers and Developers
-you must notify us through our contact form of the page location of each article that is published on another site


What 'FREE' Really Means -  figure the true cost of free on the web
Newspapers of the 21st Century -  how rss news feeds and blogs are changing content delivery.
How to Tame Junk Mail -  tame the junk mail monster and bring your in-box under control.
Security Check for Your Computer -  you may not be as safe and secure as you think.

Web Design and Development

How to Create a Custom E-mail Link -  don't know how to create a form but still need feedback from your site? There are alternative ways...
How to Handle Complaints and Inquiries -  an attitude of gratitude can increase your bottom line.
The Proper Use of Flash -  weighing the advantages of using Flash on each site.
Good Web Design Feng Shui -  you can apply Feng Shui to anything including your web site design.
How to Build a Web Site for Free - the learning curve is steep but you can do it!
How to Make and Sell Themes and Templates - it's more than just knowing how to work with graphics.
How to Create a Bookmark Icon - make yourself a unique bookmark icon with free programs.
FTP and FrontPage - what you don't know can hurt you... yes you can.
Buttons vs. text links - which is more professional, and why.

Search Engine Optimization

Be Your Own SEO - if you've got the time you can learn to do it yourself
SEO and Dynamic Pages - information for getting any site indexed regardless of platform
Choose the Right Keywords - choosing the right keywords can double your traffic overnight.
SEO Facts and Myths - avoid the pitfalls of optimization techniques.




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